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The SSP+I 365® is ‘Fit-For-Purpose’ for maximum impact. It can be used in leadership & organization consulting assignments.

SSP+I 365®, Productivity and Performance, is a result-oriented set of prescriptive and bold actions. It provides envision, enrichment for business case correctness and deployment.


Moreover, it’s a proven key proprietary progress, and dynamic capability intelligence model. Crafted and refined over time to make better data led decisions and governance driven provisioning.  

SSP+I 365®, holistic and value preposition of best practices, for a scalable platform . It’s identity is made feasible and highly aligned to perform and transform .

SSP+I 365® , the collective interface between business and technology and the enabler for mobility and sustainability. it’s agility, efficiency, and adaptive capacity are structured , and measured for transition between strategic and operational projects. 

The SSP+I 365®,  Outcome is Valuation :



Dynamic constructive (being + doing). Critical thinking mindset, awareness, decision-maker, and influence exert. Mechanism for winning linked and engineered to a sense of urgency.
  1. Principal and Principle: Lead Uncomfortable (confidence, responsibility, persist, vitality) + Exemplify + Strategy (cohesive , vigilance, evolve) +Tactics (prevalent, preemptive , multiplicative) + Nullify (complacency, attrition).
  2. Culture of accomplishment: Connect (communicate, engage, clarify, persuade, respect +convey) +Apply (restore +impartiality +daring) + Foster attribution (gratitude not apology + diversity + inclusion+ post condition reward).
  3. Is Branding a locked box?  Yes: Intellectual property, No: Creativity.


Define (Segment and personality). Authenticate and protect. Execute (focus, prioritize and synchronize). Leverage (align and expand).
  1. Feasible modeling and analytical techniques.
  2. Recognize and classify (mining + perception + reasoning).
  3. Versatility (concurrent cascade updates).
  4. Synergy (integrate + unify).
  5. Formalize (reconcile + comply).
  6. Availability (resiliency + repository).


Elaborate (reliability + accountability). Relation (position and reach). Regard integrity and consistent practices.
  1. Specialty: Prepense + Mapping functionality to requirements +Eliminate redundancy + Assure (facilitate + verify) +Confirm.
  2. Response readiness: Navigate + Sensitive for cause and effect + Defy vulnerability.\
  3. Possess: Compute (calibrate + allocat exact resources) + interlace.
  4. Mobilize: Change (continuous + consistent) + rectify + speed up.
  5. Utilize: Explain + Delegate.


Track and Reconfigure interconnections and interdependences By very important data.
  1. Exist for the next best key act.
  2. Distinctive power of small data on big data.
  3. Enable + Exchange + Extensibility (Increment on the structure + Accelerate on the function).
  4. Singleton: Coordinate + Adapt + Acknowledge +Amplify.
  5. Attest (concrete coherent evidence):        Valuable features + Significant factors +counterpoints + Triggers + Emerging trends + Trade off.
  6. Directed Control (trace + uptime):              Prevent before occurrence+ Correct before escalating+ Recovery after failure+ Proprietary after dispute.
  7. Attain : Realization + Presence.

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