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Abdelhamid, leads Kalmar & Partners advisory group, vision, and strategy since founded In 2007. The owner, and CEO of Aias231 Identity and Data Branding Group since 2019.
Developed an outstanding ability to understand business requirements and architect systems that effectively implemented and consistent with company mission.

Manage large projects with excellent prospects for growth, business data centric and process analytics for successful transformation, turnaround, and restructuring.

Abdelhamid, give credence to the CEO role as a geopolitical economist, improve return on investment, maintain the organic business resiliency and strategic partnership.

Challenges are feasible opportunities when viewed from various perspectives. CEOs Do first the best thing and COOs Do the things first better, both up to par, compel, drive value realization, broaden the scope, and constantly able to improve.

Aias231® Identity & Data Branding, is the owner for Kalmar & Partners advisory group, since 2019.


Founder:  [1/2008-3/2014]

Bos & ATM, American advisory for political-economic projects.

Business Consultant: [3/2004-12/2007]

  • TeliaSonera Sweden, Strategy Analyst.
  • Volvo Sweden, Process Analyst.
  • Opel Germany, Process Analyst.

Project Manager:[2/2001 – 3/ 2003]

Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard

Founder:  [1/2000-1/2001]

Mdgb & ATM, Technology consulting provider.


    Engineering & Business Education:

    Graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering  from Al Ahliyya Amman University [1996] . Holds joint Master of Science in Business Administration /  Leadership In International Context, from Kalmar Baltic Business School(Smaland, Sweden), and Brest Brittany Business School(Finistere, France) [2008] .

    Abdelhamid Ibrahim Samara
    Founder, President, and CEO
    Kalmar & Partner Advisory Group.

    Abdelhamid Samara

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