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Kalmar & Partners Advisory Group

Kalmar & Partners, is a global management consulting and leadership advisory provider, that focus primarily but not exclusively on business development. 

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Our Consulting Services

 It is a breadth and depth consulting service, specializing in diversified strategic projects, process improvement, and transformation advantages.

We Are Partners in Your Success

Our purpose and values deliberate the optimum foresight service that, seeds and strengthen your strategic autonomy.

Originality and Relativity Simplify Complexity.

In addition, our knowledge, experience, and reshaping will ensure your brand steadiness, gain the momentum to compete and thrive.

Exchange for Excellence.


Performance assessment and active improvement.


Develop personalized solutions for challenges.


Identity and data analytics for a compelling opportunities.

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Delivering on the commitment we make; your success breads our success

Consulting with execution: based on your specific challenges and needs, we identify, advise, and invest. In addition, we apply with integrity our SSP+I 365® productivity and performance model, combined with our solid cross-domain expertise in management, analytics, and technology.

Putting The Business Case in Motion.

SSP+I 365® Productivity and Performance Model:

[Succession + Solutions + Process] + Impact.






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